Sunday, 3 March 2013

Notes of meeting

Topics Covered
-Group Roles
-Tidying up the Group blog

Roles Assigned:
-Group Leader (Joel)
-Blog Manager (Crystal)
-Public Relations Manager (Timothy)
-Secretary (Sa/Brandi)

Actions to be Taken:
-Tidying up Group Blog (All members)

Topics Covered
-Allocating Literature for Lit. Reviews
-Rephrasing Research Topic

Actions to be Taken:
-Online Article Lit. Review [Individual] (Crystal, Timothy, Joel)
-Newspaper Article Lit. Review [Individual] (Sa/Brandi)

Topics Covered
-Gantt Chart Planning
-Method of Gathering Data (Surveying)

Actions to be Taken:
-Constructing Gantt Chart (Joel)
-Improving on Individual Lit. Reviews (All members)
-Drafting Survey Questions

Topics Covered
-Finalising Survey Questions
-Scope and duration of survey

Actions to Be Taken:
-Finalising Survey details (All members)
-Creating survey (Joel, Crystal)
-Launching survey (All members)

-Launched survey

Actions to Be Taken:
-Analysing and organising data (Joel)
-Getting respondents for survey (All members)

-Cleaning up blog (rearranged labels and added tabs)

Actions to be taken:
-Getting respondents for survey (All members)

-Survey closed
-Organized data 

-Start planning for viva(video? skit?)

Actions to Be Taken:
-Draw conclusions from survey data (All members)
-Write viva introduction video script (Crystal)

-Preparing viva slides

Actions to Be Taken:
-Complete viva slides(All members)

-Filming introduction video


1. We will use a survey to collect data from the students about how they use their macbook.

2. We will organize the data according to level.

3. We will find out if there are any trends in macbook usage in each level.

We are organizing the data in this way since different levels use their macbooks at different times. (eg. Longer school hours for upper secondary means less time to use macbook)


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Roles of Members

Secretary- Brandi
Public Relations Manager- Timothy
Blog Manager- Crystal